How Old are Ya Guys?


Was reading a thread earlier. Said Lot of us live in nostalgic mind frame.
I’m 51. So yeah I’m gonna be a 70s 80s guy.
Barely know anything from the 90s on up.

Just want some feedback. Not saying nothing bad came from 90s plus.
Any one can post for sure. 4 year old child to 100 year old.

Just curious on folks ages.

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Just a heads-up that if you quote this post in your reply, you'll be talking to a much-beloved forum member who we tragically lost last year.
May you RIP Brother Dan; we all love and miss you mate!
42 but have sentimental attachment to the 70s due to older cousins, the 80s (cartoons!) and the 90s.

Hell, it still feels like some family members served in WWII only 40-50 years ago. Time is funny like that.