I think my CAB M is broken 😥


New member
I've been getting a nasty, annoying overtones coming out of my cab m, mostly on note decays, fizzying-out, farting out type of sounds. Tried cab m in every scenario
-pedals with internal preamp
-rack preamps with internal power amp and cab engaged
-amp head/Suhr loadbox with only cabs engaged.
It' coming out of both
-headphone output
-xlr out straight to studio monitors
I'm not feeding it any excessive bass or high frequencies
Tried supplied power adapter and Eventide powermax
....still farting, rattling, fizzying...ideas?


Hello Vlad

in order to be able to give you the best assistance please submit a ticket on the Two notes Helpdesk support.two-notes.com . I will be able to show your issue to the technical team with more ease, as well as ask the relevant files we need. I look forward to read your ticket on the helpdesk.