III aka: Thor's Hammer ( redux ) -- Now Available

Damn it, I already want one badly enough :p That's a more thorough, useful description of a pedal than most companies/reviewers give. Kudos.
actually very spot on ...... this pedal does well into front end of some amps .... and not so good in others ... if you're running a Fender Twin or something you'd probably be fine ... it needs that headroom to breath ...
where it absolutely crushes .... is when you run it straight into a Power Section... via the separate Power Amp Out .
I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed in it, I dig it. I already mentioned to Griff but it’s almost indistinguishable from the Blue Channel/Modern Voicing on my amplifier. Obviously there are differences, but through a power amp I can get them both to sound basically the same. A little low end on the pedal goes a long way.
I actually hit mine with the screamer 808 and also my wah. Takes them like a champ and sounds good doing it. I plan on it being the centerpiece of my wdw rig.