Ironball or Fireball 25?


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Hey all,

I am looking for a great sounding, simple, „one-trick-pony“ lunchbox metal amp. Stylistically everything between gothic, doom, thrash, death & black metal. I like a tight thrash metal rhythm sound (I like the Boss SD-1 for that) and a fluid, moanful lead sound á la Greg Macintosh. No AC/DC crunch needed. ;-) I want to use the amp for home recording with a reactive load box.

I am really interested in either the Ironball or the new Fireball 25. A lot of people seem to like the Ironball, but I couldn‘t find much information about the Fireball 25 on YouTube and in forums yet. What do you guys think?


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Based on clips, I prefer the Fireball 25. I am looking to pick up an Engl right now, and that amp is at the top of my list.