Just have to share my excitement for my new amp - IIC+


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Finally after SOOO many amps I got the one, I would have bought as the first one if it were possible.

Mark IIC+ DRG (not upgraded) 😍😍

I’m a happy man. Only a small drive of 1500 km to get. No biggy. 😅😅

These are very rare in Europe and it’s the only one in Denmark.


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I would play it for a while first. Can you post a pic of the back so we can see what transformer it has too?

Beyond Black

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Thanks man! I could immediately tell the differences from my Mark IV. More Raw less compressed. The sound in my all these years!
Congrats man, forever amp there! The Mark IV was the love of my life until I got my C+ SG. It’s the most raw and pissed off little beast I’ve ever owned.