Keyboard recommendation help?


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Hello all,

Can anyone recommend a decent portable keyboard for my daughter? I know nothing about them other than Roland, Korg, and Yamaha are considered best brands? She's a decent piano player and has left for college and realized she'd like to have something to play on campus. She was looking at some cheepos on Reverb, but I don't want her to get beat buying junk. I'd prefer to get her something that's reasonable priced, that will play and sound decent, and will last her college years. Maybe get a couple of bucks back when she's done with it.



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You looking for good piano style action?

Those are three great brands, but also consider a Casio Privia model. Those are pretty nice.

I'd recommend going to a GC with her and trying a few out. Many advertise "piano" action, but not all pianos feel the same, so there's a lot of subjectivity around what feels "right."

As an example, my brother (played piano from age 4 onwards) tried several and preferred the Casio Privia. I (played piano 10 years as a kid) thought the Casio felt too easy on the action and was more partial to a Yamaha board.


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I bought my GF a Donner DEP-20 digital piano and for the $$ I cannot believe how nice it is.

Back in the day, I sold Kurzweil and Ensoniq and Yamaha and Alesis boards that cost $1200+ just to get into 88 weighted keys.


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Thanks fellas! Appreciate the response. I'm looking at these in my search now. Any other suggestions are welcome...