Let's see your guitar stands - I need inspiration


Hi all,

I'm moving and thinking about upgrading: What are you all using (in the room / wall-mounted / multi guitar racks)? Let's see what you got - recommendations welcome.


ZEN Amps

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Angled string swing hangers into a solid block of wood which is secured to three studs. Very strong, and looks cool.



Thanks, mate! Nice guitar collection as well! (y)

Have you ever had any issues with humidity / temperature with that setup?


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When guitars not being played, they go in their cases, they at band jam or a gig, for years I've owned a Hercules dual guitar stand:


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/\ agreed. If I'm not playing them,they are in their coffins.
But my guitars stand by themselves.
Y'all have handicapped drunk-ass guitars that need something to help them stand up.


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Don't have a picture, but I do the same thing as Zen Amps. A nice oak board screwed into the studs with angled hangers screwed into that. You could also use those U shaped tool hooks from the hardware store if you want the guitars to face forward instead of angled. They're just the right size for hanging a guitar.

I also converted a closet to a guitar rack. They're not seen but easily accessible to get played often enough.


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Nice rack and guitars ZEN Amps. That's how I'm going to do mine. Was going to go with Hercules arms but I like the String Swings like yours.

Are they 16" apart?