Lucky Finds


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I recently took a short roadtrip up to Nashville to meet up with R/T member for a sale. While there I hit up the obligatory Gruhns/Carter and also Rumbleseat but also the GC in that area. I found something used that I really liked there and went back the next day to put it to the test. The dude then pointed out that the top was split in two places and they were blowing it out. So I got it for a great price but then got it repaired. Got it back a week ago and It still sounds killer after repair. Loud and proud, tight and dry. And so comfy. This is Saturday morning for me.



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Had a d03 back in the day that I wish I still had. Currently I have one of the iss parlor guitars. It is a blast to sit around and finger pick on. Great sound from a tiny package.


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