Marshall 4x12s in Northern VA


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I'll be posting pics as I can but wanted to get the thread started.

I'm not arranging shipping for anyone but I'm happy to hand off to a carrier that you've arranged (try if you're so inclined).

These have scuffs and dings and some cracked corners and jack plates and whatever. If any of that is going to bother you, these are not the right cabs for you.

But they all sound killer and have casters.

Here's a list:
1960A Classic with JJ date code, 6402 cone G12Ms: $500

1960A Classic with KC? date code, 6402 come G12Ms: $500

1960A 800 Anniversary (white) with 16 ohm V30s (two BX, two KX), 444 cones: $600
- these are VERY early V30s and they sound KILLER.
- has the Homa casters

1960A 900 Lead Series with 8 ohm V30s (assortment, date codes: MV, AZ, AC, BC); three have 444 cone stamps; can't find a stamp on the fourth: $400
- the these are pretty early V30s and the 8 ohm version is nice and warm

Also: a Crate Red Voodoo 4x12 (you guessed it: it's RED) with English V30s, CJ date code, 444 stamps: $350
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Oh and I have an empty Carvin Legacy cab that someone can just have if they come pick it up. I have lots of speakers (mostly various V30s; some 8-ohm G12M) that can be loaded into it, and then it's not free but I'm sure we can work it out


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Where in NOVA? I'm in Roanoke, and that freaking white box would sit so cool next to my blue Anniv.