Marshall Guv'nor pedal


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I have a one in the early to mid 90s. I seriously miss that pedal. The Black Box does really capture the tone that I got with the original. The original had more gain on tap. I used to use it for a mild breakup tone into my clean channel.

Jack Luminous

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Another great thing with the Guvnor is that you can push it with a BD-2 or SD-1 and get a really awesome 80s modded 800 tone. It takes pedals just as well as JCM800 high input. In TGP words, it's great for stacking.


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I had a guv’nor and it was not well built
The pots were wonky and i thought it sounded abrasive but i was not using it to boost my marshalls as both are modded and have plenty of gain.

I did use it in front of my 1966 ampeg gemini 2 and it was too fuzzed out to make anything useful happen.
I gave it to a bro who still has it
Maybe I should revisit this


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I have a 90's Guvnor from Korea... odd pedal. I have noted the fuzziness at times depending on amp and I learned I had to be careful with it's tone controls. It could bloat out with too much bass. But dialed in properly pushing an 800 it is pretty frigging awesome. Squealies and cutting crunch. It does a fantastic job at boosting and stand alone with a boost could be a nice backup into a Torpedo cab.