Megadeth - We'll Be Back


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Has Black Friday vibes with the riff/tempo and vocal cadence in parts of the first 3/5ths of the song. Never a bad thing as I really like that tune.


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Lucky. You can now go thru the back catalog and enjoy some of the best thrash/metal, ever. Peace Sells, Rust In Piece are good. Dystopia is good. Plenty more...
I’m familiar, just hasn’t been my thing since I was like 15. But this is a delicious track


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i mean, its by no means a hit, but its a touch catchy lyrically.

the guitar on this through my headbud (singular) is pretty dang good. in fact im happy to listen to anything with dry metal guitars that isnt screamo / death / swedish fish / whatever metal

good for dave! i hope he is well


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What I’m finding interesting about the guitar tone is it sounds good on my earbuds, but when I listen on my nicer headphones and interface it sounds smaller and a bit low in the mix. It cuts still, but it lacks body and doesn’t sound as good as it does on the earbuds imo.

That said, I’m digging the tune and it has me excited to hear the new album when it drops.


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Ok....this tune came on Sirius last night as I was driving. Cranked it up and was really digging the tone and overall mix. Drums and bass sit pretty and everything.
Next song was "the Judas kiss" by Metallica.
The difference was startling.
The equivalent of a pack of hungry/snarling/violent and rabid wolves against an over fed/lazy chihuahua couch potato growling at you for waking it up from a nap.
Dave is still angry and hungry.
Metallica is phoning it in.
Pretty sure whomever programmed these two songs next to each other had the same sentiment.
Just sayin'.