Megadeth - We'll Be Back


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Ok....this tune came on Sirius last night as I was driving. Cranked it up and was really digging the tone and overall mix. Drums and bass sit pretty and everything.
Next song was "the Judas kiss" by Metallica.
The difference was startling.
The equivalent of a pack of hungry/snarling/violent and rabid wolves against an over fed/lazy chihuahua couch potato growling at you for waking it up from a nap.
Dave is still angry and hungry.
Metallica is phoning it in.
Pretty sure whomever programmed these two songs next to each other had the same sentiment.
Just sayin'.
Been that way for decades, imo.


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Yep, this sounds really good. Typical 'lean' production, which adds to the tight feel, unlike the cohorts that blast out too much sub-bass.

On a side note; that must've been one of the more costly videoclips...or they managed to find a whole bunch of footage from a canned action movie...


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I wish the drums sounded more natural. I know it’s a drummer but sounds like software. Dave’s voice sounds great.