menatone JAC compressor


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tried it a few years ago and loved it more than any pedal compressor i had tried to that point. bought the barber tone press due to almost being as good, for half the price. but never forgot.

the JAC has a quality that is hard to pin down but i seem to almost unconsciously recognize it in great pieces of gear.
it subtly adds a warmer, bigger quality to the tone without really being obvious. It feels great to play through and adds to the tone instead of taking something away or trading away something else.

i think that's why it gets compared to the LA-2A...there is the quality of benefitting from passing signal through it by the way it conditions or buffers the signal.

the bummer is the huge POP sound it makes when turning on or off. so leave it on or put it in a silent loop switcher.

i've owned the dynacomp, boss, dod milkbox, carl martin compressor, tone press, and have tried the marshall ed, blackbox oxygen, analogman dual comprosser, hbe cpr, and keeley, and owned the alesis 3630, dbx 376, rocktron 300G, and used the presonus acp-88, art pro VLAII, empirical labs distressor, and dbx 160A & XT and UA and waves plug versions of the classics.

i use the acp88, art provlaII and dbx 160xt every week for work. the JAC is special. and the good news is menatone has started making them again after a few years out of circulation with the same circuit in a smaller box.