Mesa Mark IV rev A...


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i've owned a lot of amps, and gone back and forth between c+'s, mark III's, and IV's more times than i can count (with pics to prove it), but the IVa has always been my favorite. i know there have been at least 3 different times where i had a loaded c+ and a IVa at the same time, and every single time, i ended up taking the money for the c+, and sticking with the IVa.


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Had a Mark IV, RevA...still sold it, mostly due to the finnicky nature of the beast, and my dislike for Rhythm 2 channel.
Today's awesome settings somehow ended up sounding mediocre the next day.

If Rhythm 2 was anything like my Mini Mark V:25's Crunch mode and if it was less temperamental, I would still have the IV.
The weight and the loud fan didn't help matters though...


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Yeah that's some kick ass shit. I've still never had the chance to play a Mrak 4 :(