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I finally got it. Figuring it out was not very easy. Performing the modification is very simple. Pleae email me at and I can send you the instruction page. It is a PDF but I don't know how to place it in this post.



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Email it to me...and I can post it. Otherwise, you can reply to this...and attach it as a file when posting a reply. There's a "upload attachment" section where you can upload any attachment.



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So I've played with this last night and early this morning and it does cut the humm down quite a bit,Talking with Eric and him playing mine,I don't think mine was in as bad a shape as his,but this does help tremendous as I pulled the fix off and A/B'd them with no input.Gonna crank it up later to get it the full test :thumbsup:


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fuzzyguitars":36k28tqj said:
i never thought i had a big issue with mine

should i do it anyways?
I didn't either.Erics was fucked up,even the power section,if he will jump in,but could have been do to shipping?????Mine had a preamp humm but could only here them at stadium volumes and this fix did help :thumbsup: Now is anyone interested in an Mod 100 chassis??? :D


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Update on my MOD 100:

Sent it to Bruce, he fixed the hum, and checked it all out and fixed a few more things. Amp is like new again, very quiet and sounds great. And I finally have a Bman again. I really missed that module. The hum in it is now just a little more than my other modules. But it's so much quieter than before - and it just sounds great so I don't notice it as much.

I plan to record with it so I took it to rehearsal to test it. Everyone loved the tone, versatility, and the look of it. The other guitar player looked a litltle worried. LOL!

Thanks again Bruce, I really appreciate the support.