NAD Haul: Mesa IIC+, Triple Recto, Metal Grill Stack


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Hey All,

I did some local gear hunting and found some gems.

I picked up a 60 watt IIC+ Combo locally. I have a long-head HRG, and they both sound fantastic. I have heard the 60 non-eq is a bit quicker and totally agree with that. The combo is in really excellent condition and I will probably throw a factory appropriate speaker in it from one of the cabs I got.

I picked up a Triple Recto head in a road case along with a full stack of the half back/metal grille mesa cabinets. I have a vertical 2x12 of these and love the look and sound. I probably will get a removable baffle for the tops to dork with tones.

Overall it was a lot of driving but some really solid pieces of gear. Just thought I would share my local Sunday haul since they aren't all this good.


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Great haul... sold my IIC+ (3 of them) many years ago - and i still have the same 4x12 as yours on the left .. great cabs.
Sounds like an awesome Sunday