NAD & Issues - Synergy Syn30 + SLO Module


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Hey fellas,
Having an interesting new amp day.

Picked up the Synergy Syn30 Power Amp and an included Soldano SLO module.

Initially, couldn't even get the amp to turn on. Opened the mains fuse compartment, and the fuse was shattered.....real weird.

Replaced it with the correct fuse and voila, it turns on.....mostly.

Now it power up, but the SLO module lights do not come on, and I get no sound from the amp, either.

There was an included footswitch, but I left it at work and didn't get to plug it in. It seems goofy, but is the footswitch necessary to activate the module?

I was pumped to jam this thing today, but, no go. Not sure if it's user error on my part, or if there is an actual issue. Anyone have experience?


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my old guitarist was bragging on his syn rig then 3 days later he said it started burning. He is kind of an idiot so he may have done something stupid but shattered fuse doesnt sound good. those dont really move in the socket on most devices


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Not the same but for the Syn1 I never used the footswitch, I'm thinking it shouldn't make a difference. No signal if you plug your guitar straight into the fx in/loop?


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There might be a bypass button that you need to disable. I have a SYN-1 and it has a bypass button located at the bottom of the faceplate that has tricked me a few times. Otherwise not sure, you might try the footswitch when you get a chance. That shouldn't be mandatory though.

Edit - not seeing a bypass button on that head. I briefly owned a SYN-50 and I can tell you the midi dip switches on the back were confusing and did not correlate with the user manual. If those are set a certain way it could be causing a problem.
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False alarm guys.

Turns out, I'm just a fucking moron. Haha.

Revv sent me a Generator to demo, and I was having the same issue. I totally forgot last week before I left for Georgia that I had my cab bypassed and the speaker output was going to my Twonotes Captor.

100% use error and stupidity. I will try the Synergy out today!


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Long time Randall RM100 Lynchbox user here. I approve this purchase. I like the module stuff..sounds great through a good cab and if you are bringing the volume down with a good attenuator or a Fryette powerstation, there isn't anything to complain about unless you are 100% looking for the exact same tone as the amp the module is trying to replicate.


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I hear you man. I'm really excited to mess with these modules. I'm probably going to pick up the Uber and VHT Pittbull models in the near future. I'm not expecting them to sound just like the real deal, but if they get close, I think this system is a huge win. I'm surprised it isn't more popular, honestly, but we will see how well it stands up when I get some modules of the amps I actually own.


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I really wanted to like the Synergy system. Two years ago I bought a SYN-1 and the HBE module for home recording purposes. However, it was quite noisy, the power amp (Sag) simulation in the SYN-1 didn‘t convince me for direct recording and I disliked the tiddly knobs on the module. TBH I was a little bit disappointed and returned it.

I still think the idea behind the Synergy system is really great and I would definitely try it again, if they improve the built in power amp simulation for direct recording and replace the knobs on all modules with the slightly stepped potentiometers (love that!) and overall nicer knobs of the Vai module.


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Ok guys, fired up the Syn30 and SLO module today. Holy shit.

I don't know how accurate it is to the actual SLO but, I don't really care at this point. The sounds coming out of this thing were unreal. I'm so happy and honestly blown away by it. I'll have a short clip up soon with the full video tomorrow, but wow. I'm truly blown away by how good this thing sounds.


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Yep I have a few modules including the SLO. If you pair it with the right power amp, it sounds awesome. Look fwd to seeing what you do with it.
SLO in the syn 30 is legit. I had a HR25 I sold after this combo. Also, there is channel select switch in the upper left corner of the panel.


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Here is the full on video demo, As you can probably tell, I had a shitload of fun doing this one. Amazing how good this thing sounds