NEW MGL50 "1981 - 2204" Demo

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Demo comparison of my original 1981 Marshall 50w JMP master volume 2204 and the new MGL50 "1981 - 2204" which is a faithful recreation of my Marshall plus some added modern features including a footswitchable cleaner channel and the Metropoulos "Zero Loss" effects loop. These clips were done with both amps going thru a head switcher so both amps are recorded thru the same mic'd Marshall 4x12 straight cab with Celestion 25w Greenback speakers. There are both clips with guitars plugged straight in and others boosting both amps with a Maxon OD-9 pedal. Tone controls were between 4 & 5 depending on the clip, Pre-Amp between 5 & 7, master volumes both at 4.