New Release(s): ToneX Amp Packs (Marshall Jubilee 50W, JCM800 2210 and Krank Revolution Series 1)


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2 new releases - ToneX Preset packs for a Marshall Jubilee 50W and Krank Revolution Series 1. Both amps captured direct and the presets include various IR's from my collection. The beauty of direct tone models is you can mix and match with any IR you like for unlimited flexibility.

Lots of great tones in these. Will send discount codes to existing ToneX customers shortly.

EDIT: Make that 3 packs. One more with 10 presets captured from a late 80’s JCM800 2210 combo (4211). Clean, crunch, gainy and boosted all covered, plus IR’s from various cabs (Mesa/Marshall/EVH) and speakers (V30’s/K100/T75/Greenbacks).

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