NGD Bad ass Knaggs Steve Stevens


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So, after letting my Steckel go, I decided I should get another. I really liked that guitar but another guitar came up that I had been after for a long time, so I sold it to get the guitar I was after. (Bad move)

I could not find a good deal on a Steckel and a friend gave me a KILLER DEAL on the Steve Stevens. This guitar sounds and plays just incredible.

Before I had the Steckel or Stevens I had a few different Kenai. I never got along with them. They played great but sounded kind of thin to me. But then I tried the Steckel with a Les Paul style bridge and it was just incredible. The Stevens also has a Les Paul style bridge and is as good as the Steckel. The Steckel came with the Candy pickups which I liked, and this comes with some BKP Stevens model, not the Rebel Yell, but something closer to the Mules.


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Super nice/crazy expensive.
Looks like they changed the tailpiece or i guess the SS comes w/a Gibson style stop bar.