NGD ! Mayones Duvell Elite 4k video


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As some of you may remember, a few weeks ago I ordered a Solar guitar which came with many flaws and I had to send it back the next day (never again am I buying a Solar guitar by the way..). In my search for a modern superstrat, I decided to raise my budget and so I pulled the trigger on this beauty.
It is a 2017 model and it comes with the Fluence Abasi pickups.

Mahogany body
Wenge/bubinga neck
Eye poplar top
Bridge: Hipshot Fixed Guitar Bridge
Tuners: Hipshot Grip-Lock Locking Tuners
Fretboard Wood: Ebony
Fretboard Inlays: None, Luminlay side dots, 2 mm, Blue
Number of Frets: 24 extra jumbo Ferd Wagner Stainless Steel
Scale Length: 25.4"



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I've had good luck with Solar but haven't bought one since covid started. I got my mayones Regius then immediately sold my Solars, and Jackson Pro Soloist. Now I'm down to 3 guitars mayones regius, aviator spitfire and Gibson LP classic. Each one is my favorite guitar. I have a duvell on order that is due to be complete sometime in the next 3 months.

After getting the Mayones my standards went up. I will probably never buy another Solar either. Especially cause of the hassle to ship it back. I'm sure you are going to love the duvell. It's going to spoil you


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Congrats! I've always kind of lusted for one of these. They look super ergonomic and functional and yet also works of art.