No talk about Corona Virus?


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Krull":wy2eyxuq said:
Have you ever took a shit out your mouth?

No, but when I was a little shaver there was an old farmer across the way. Went by the name Cornflake Jackson.

Every now and then he would stop his tractor and barf out his ass.


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Goat":2d7eqn2t said:
While attending a concert at the Tangerine Bowl in '77, I witnessed a girl blow a bucket on the 40 yard line. Lift skirt... blow ass... release skirt. I've never see such precision! :student:
That`s what Im talkn about. :rock:


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panhead":3sw17u31 said:
They had to find something cause the impeachment thing didn't work.

quoted for literally being the dumbest thing posted on the internet. seriously bro how bad is your closed head injury?


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Goat":2cq9giyn said:
Ron Paul: “People should ask themselves whether this coronavirus 'pandemic’ could be a big hoax"

How about nutty Ron put the doorknobs where his mouth is, and start licking to prove his point?

If this is such a big Democratic hoax, why is the president himself declaring state of emergency, and addressing the public on how to contain it?


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Goat":31fbzvd8 said:
Ron Paul is an old guy, and he's kind of goofy, but, that doesn't mean he is completely incorrect. If the Coronavirus is being exploited, IMO, it would be for training and logistical purposes. I don't think financial gain is a motivation, but, a politician once said; "You should never let a good crisis go to waste."

Politics, law enforcement, professional sports, entertainment, religion, education... these fields tend to attract narcissists and sociopaths. By no means am I insinuating that everyone involved in these fields suffer from personality disorder, not at all. I'm saying that such individuals are attracted to positions of power, influence, impunity, and access. Christ, nearly every musician I've ever worked with is a narcissist. Lead singers being the most heavily afflicted... I digress. I think most assume that anyone involved in politics is a compromised personality, but I don't believe this is true. If I'm wrong, well... we will suffer the same fate as Rome.

We will just have to wait to see how this "crisis" unfolds... Stay calm, help those who can't help themselves, and rock-on! :)

Every politician will exploit everything possible for political gain. Most people know this, however It's very irresponsible of Ron to imply this might be a 'hoax', this could lead people that value Ron's opinions to put themselves, and others at risk.

Funny though, I find the people calling this a 'Hoax' are taking just as much, or more precaution. I have a friend posting 'hoax', 'it's media hype' all over facebook. Yet he was supposed to come visit last weekend, and he cancelled due to the virus. Haha

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CNutz":236455f8 said:
I have a friend posting 'hoax', 'it's media hype' all over facebook. Yet he was supposed to come visit last weekend, and he cancelled due to the virus. Haha
I hope you told him he's both a hypocrite and a pussy. :LOL: :LOL:


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panhead":2vcg8mv5 said:
sleewell2":2vcg8mv5 said:
So just to be clear... you morons think this is all a plot by the dems to get trump and so of course Italy, France, China and many other countries are tanking their economies to help them?

Only the best minds... :loco:
Nope this is New World Order shit here, this a test.

Kind of sad how they already control the entire world. I am surprised they are even performing tests or making baby steps, why not just make it happen?


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What works to prevent infaction or to minimize the risk:
- Take temperature every morning.
- Do not come to crowded places if there are any signs of symptoms.
- Wash hands or use hand sanitizer before every activities.
- Do not touch anyone or your own face.
- Take Vitamin c or other immune system boosters like strong cbd


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Monkey Man":fukf1fcs said:
Indeed he is!

Damned creative arithmeticians; they're a breed all of their own. :confused: :LOL: :LOL:

WOW! My 'puter crashed. Had ta triage. And thanks to my DOS and BASIC skills my always trusted domain-x.500 ARPANET 10NET partner Commodore 64 at the helm low down in the CLI saved the day after launching the fail-safe giga.buster Aloerhytm degerminator - I'm BACK!

How 'bout them there apples, huh DOCTOR.

And I won't post no Iron Maiden for the fragile at heart. ... tudy-says/

Just Takin' Care Of Business - NOT! (TBF) :)