peters amplification ???


whats up with this company i see no posts, no new videos, there are some amps on ebay and reverb.... one here but they have been up for months and months..... what there is no interest in these amp any more???
i thought these were good amps ???


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I think they have to " up " his marketing game, not hype but more you tube video's? With a lot of amps offering similar features you're left with descriptions and what you see and perceived value. If hand wired is important to you and you're willing to pay for it..... If you're not one of the sheep [ and not a schill ] keep on researching or try calling them.


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James Peters is probably the most honest man I have ever met in 20+ years in the "amp game". And his amps sound really good. He is honest to a fault. He is just a real person and a good man. I will have an amp built by him someday, if he will do it.
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