Pink Taco V2


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Mine sure is. I sold my Runt 50 the same day my V2 showed up. These stories of not enough gain or too bright have to be total newbie, or user error. Sure, they're bright, but nothing a treble knob won't fix. Not enough gain? Shit, it's got more than the Runt, and boosted, it's downright nasty.

Im deciding between the V2 Taco and The Runt 50.

I guess you prefer the V2, but the videos I've seen it seems to lack the definition the Runt 50 has?


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Got the amp today.

Played it for about 10 minutes.

Favorite of all the Friedman gain tones I’ve played so far.

It’s aggressive, bright and has bite like a Marshally amp should be.

Smallbox for sale.

I just bought a Runt 50, but damn, I’m still gasing for the Pink Taco V2.

Probably gonna buy it down the road to make a dry/wet rig with my Runt.


My third day with amp.

A keeper. Love that feeling when you just know an amp is gonna be with you for the long haul.

SMH, my Smallbox was twice as much and could give a shit about it.