Pink Taco V2


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Oh wow, that's it? I have a switch for that on my Plexi build.
I have no reason to think it's any different on the PT20 than on the BE100 to be honest, but again without a schematic can't confirm.


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Feeling guilty about not playing my Smallbox and putting it on Craigslist.

I’m thinking of seeing if Dave can make the BE side more like the PTV2.

But yea, this amp is great for my types of Marshall tones.
I would guess if you remove the bypass caps (or clip a leg) on the first 2 gain stage plates it'll sound more like the PT20 V2.


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Got the amp today.

Played it for about 10 minutes.

Favorite of all the Friedman gain tones I’ve played so far.

It’s aggressive, bright and has bite like a Marshally amp should be.

Smallbox for sale.
LOL. My feelings exactly.
I just bought a Runt 50, but damn, I’m still gasing for the Pink Taco V2.

Probably gonna buy it down the road to make a dry/wet rig with my Runt.
Get a Legendary Tones Hot Mod V2 EVO for it. You'll thank me later.


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Played yes. I did find it kinda dark, enough for me not to buy the amp.

YouTube videos can be very deceptive, especially the “professional” ones. I love Peter Thorn and the dude who does the official Friedman demos…but id like to see how much post processing goes into what we’re hearing.

I’d trust the kid in his bedroom with an iPhone more if all I and was YouTube videos for reference.

It’s same issue I have on my Smallbox.

The plexi channel is good/great. The BE side is darkish, wooly and way too smooth. I’m selling it for that reason.

My Germino lead 55 is a better “plexi” to my ears.

A brighter Friedman is interesting to me however…

Funny I say the same thing. Pete can make a tennis racket sound amazing via slick tracks and post processing and his IR's will not be yours.

All my vids on YT are iphone 'this is what it sounds like in the room'

Just ordered a PT2 I'll post video review by middle of next week
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