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Again, a little caution, a little common sense go a long way. Regular PayPal is nice. 3% is nothing compared to peace of mind. A heads up from fellow forumites when they have a situation go bad is nice. The reality is a new member can be solid as a rock and just needs to show it but I think we've all seen the opposite too where somebody's life has taken a turn for the worse and even though they had always been golden things start to go bad. For those of us who don't live in major metro areas, places like this are the only way we can learn about, experience and try the less common gear. I've been lucky through the years and not had many deals go bad but I also try my best to hold up my end as well. Good karma and all...


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Nancy naked would be a helluva lot better than that lame ass Super bowl half time show.
Lord take me now..



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I had given the guy my email before I realized it was a scam. He sent a single pic of the lower half of a guitar that was probably found in the internet.
Here is our email conversation-

anthonymarc5678; It cost 700$ plus shipment let me know if you in

Me;Sure thing. I can make payment as soon as it arrives.

anthonymarc5678; No I can only accept you paying half payment then when you receive it you pay the balance that all I can do let me know if you ready

Me; How about this; you ship half the guitar and once I receive it I pay you a deposit. Then I pay in full when I receive the other half of the guitar.

anthonymarc5678; No I don’t do my business like that you pay half then when you get you goods you balance up you can pay through Venmo or zelle or PayPal let me know if you interested
OMFG that is hilarious :LOL: