Plum Crazy FX Fuzzy Lady


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Here's another pedal company that pushes the limits. Perfect tone that doesn't break the bank. Fuzz tones that are so natural and rich. Check them out at or YouTube them. Here's a little more on the pedal,

Who’s that Lady?  It’s the Fuzzy Lady.
She’s based on classic 60s fuzz pedals but has much more to offer. Have you ever had to put a pedal in the closet because you changed bands or rigs?
The Fuzzy Lady was designed to be
the most versatile fuzz that can be had.
It nails the classic loose fuzz tones
heard on the great recordings of the 60s and 70s, but there’s more. Give the Bias knob a twist for everything from round, boosted fuzz tones at one end, to gated spits and spurts on the other end. Yes, she gets dirty, but she cleans up well, too. Back off the volume knob on your guitar for cleaner or slightly gritty tones. Add to all of this, a high / low switch which allows you to choose between bass-heavy classic sounds or tighter, brighter fuzz tones.

At the heart of the Fuzzy Lady is a specially selected combo of one silicon transistor and one germanium transistor. The transistors are both over 30 years old and built to military specifications for noise and reliability. They give the real vintage tone because they’re the real vintage deal.

And she’s built like a brick…well,
you know. Top quality components throughout:

• Tough, cast aluminum enclosure
• True-bypass heavy-duty footswitch
• Mil-spec, specially
matched transistors
• High-quality 2-position
high/low switch
• Alpha pots
• Switchcraft enclosed jacks
• FR4 circuit board
• Xicon electrolytic & Panasonic
poly film capacitors
• 1/2w carbon-film resistors
• Teflon-coated wire
• Bright-purple LED
• 9V AC adaptor jack (wired for center
positive, adaptor not included)