PodGo users? (or HXFX, Helix users?)

I bought a PodGo about a month ago. I've been real impressed with the sounds (especially for the money) and wanted to know what others thought? I still need an amp behind me, and use my Marshall Mini Jubilee/2x12 and use the PodGo as my pedalboard which has made my load in a little easier since it took the place of my pedalboard, (smaller) cable bag, (everything fits in the Gator bag I bought) and backup amp up since I can get through a gig if my Marshall ever goes down. I bring it to practice and run it straight through the pa which is much easier than bringing an amp. It has a lot of the same sounds as the Helix, but is smaller and doesn't have as many hookup options and features which I never used anyway. I still feel you can't beat a real amp, but for the money (half the price of the Helix) this thing is pretty cool. The effects sound pretty damn good. None of the people in the clubs we play are going to hear the difference between the Line6 phase and a real script mod. Their Minotaur is an awesome overdrive that pushes my Marshall real well. Anyway...getting long winded here...just wanted to know if anyone else is using one of these, and if so how are you using it? Direct? Through an amp as your pedalboard? 4 cable method? Have you bought any IRs and if so, are they that much better than the cabinet options that come with the PG? We did 27 gigs in 2021 and have 19 on the books so far this year with more coming. I'm looking forward to really dialing this thing in more. Thanks for reading.

Will Onyx

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I don’t have a pod go, but have a stomp and hx effects. The hx effects is run 4cm with my amp and also handles channel switching. I run the stomp as a stand alone unit. The built in cabs are ok, but I get much better sounds using IRs.
I don’t have a pod go, but have a stomp and hx effects. The hx effects is run 4cm with my amp and also handles channel switching. I run the stomp as a stand alone unit. The built in cabs are ok, but I get much better sounds using IRs.
Thanks Will. Do you have any IR cabs you can recommend? I aslo have an HX Effects that I use but the Pod Go took its place since I can use the expression pedal for wah/vol, and the tuner seems to be a little better than the one on the HX. (? to me anyway) Lots of people prefer the Fractal, Kemper, and Quad Cortex, but once your used to the LIne 6 stuff its pretty easy to dial in sounds with the web interface so I'm sticking with them. Although the new Boss GX 100 looks pretty cool.
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Rex Rocker

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I have an HX Stomp and have loaded it with Ownhammer and Celestion IRs. Much better than the stock cabs. The stock cabs are alright, but IRs really take the models to a different level, IMO. I particularly like OH impulses. Celestions are cool, but OH's have more depth and heft to them.

I run either direct through headphones if I'm practicing at home, or through a little Mooer 20W tube poweramp and through a Krank cab with a Celestion Gold if I'm jamming with other people. Either way, sounds great.

Will Onyx

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Most IRs I have are free ones I’ve grabbed here and there whenever available. There’s a guy named Jay Mitchell on TGP who makes and gives away some nice ones from time to time. He had a fender one that is one of my faves.


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I have an LT. Would have definitely gone for the pod go out the hx stomp had those been on the market when I made the purchase. Getting some good 3rd party IR's made a world of difference. I bought some from ownhammer, but there are plenty of other good ones out there. Lately I've only been using it into a SD power stage 170 into a 2x12 though- obviously the ir isn't a factor when using an actual cab.

Junk Yard Dog

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Have the Pod Go & the Helix LT. Love both. 4CM only through real amps.

I use it as my pedalboard. Replaced my 'real pedalboard' for a bit. It gave me way more options & flexibility with my in-front FX (OD, wah, chorus, etc.) and FX loop FX without having to purchase and try out other pedals.

Pod Go is a great little unit, but it needs a buffer pedal before going into it from the guitar. Don't know why they skimped on that, but you can hear the difference: no buffer = a little damped/blanket. With the buffer = clarity is back.

I moved up to the Helix LT b/c I loved the Pod Go so much; got a crazy deal on a new one from Sweetwater. I don't need more than what it provides, so I didn't see the need for the Floor. No buffer is needed on the LT.

Dual Pitch is my favorite effect; gives me that Van Haggar tune detune pretty well. Teemah is my favorite OD.

Can't speak to the amps or IRs.


I started with an Hx stomp and ended up getting a Helix LT. I use an ownhammer Mesa V30 IR for most things. My bass player uses my old stomp now and we both go direct. Load in and set up is now much faster and the audience would never know the difference. I will say it doesn't sound 100% as good as my old Mesa mark v or mini jubilee, but it gets me 90% the for most things. I use a ev pa speaker for a monitor and the bass player uses in ears. We are all pretty happy with this set up.