Question for Peter concerning VH4


Hi Pete,

When I turn on VH4 sometimes I encounter the following symptom:
All leds are blinking (channels, send 2, store, channel insert and mute) and sometimes while trying to change a channel it stays on the same and all led buttons are stuck and do nothing. I have to turn it off and then on in order to operate correctly! Do I need a MIDI chipset update?
I don't know if it helps, my serial number is 020259.

Thanks in advance!

Ok Pete my address is:

John Nicolaidis
18 Themistokleous st.
Glyfada - Athens

Just tell me how much will it cost and PM me
or email to me if you need any extra information
No vacation this year :frown:

We actually extend our workshop and I should
have a look to the workers :scared:

So maybe next year. Where are You located ?

Btw, do You got the controller ?
We sent it out last week.

Peter :wink:
Peter Diezel":6994a said:
No vacation this year :frown:

We actually extend our workshop and I should
have a look to the workers :scared:

So maybe next year. Where are You located ?

Btw, do You got the controller ?
We sent it out last week.

Peter :wink:

I'm located to Glyfada, it's a beachside suburb of Athens!
I haven't got the controller yet, but I'll let you know when it arrives.
A million thanks again :)
Peter I just received it!
Thanks so much.
If I have problems installing it, I'll let you know,
but I doubt it might be a problem, I' ll just replace the old one

Thanks again!
Everything's ok! I replaced the old processor successfully today (Saturday) and everything looks to be working fine, God bless you!!! :) :) :)

Long live Peter Diezel!
Well suddenly the amp has the following symptom (after the update, a month later).
When I turn it on and switch channels, send, channel insert and mute everything works fine. When I turn the Standby switch it 's stuck again on the same channel and it doesn't respond to MIDI changes received from the controller, either from the front panel of the amp. Preamp and power amp works fine, producing sound I mean. I spoke with Panos (your distributor in Greece, who happens to be a very close friend of mine and excellent tech) and told me to report the incident to you and tell us what to do (give us directions how to check and repair it). It is perhaps not a problem of the controller chip, but of the midi board. We want to avoid, if possible, sending the head to Germany if it is something easy to be repaired (I understand that you work non stop 24 hrs a day and I respect that). Now if it is something which needs your intervention let me know.
My address has changed.
Here's the new one

38 Elefteriou Venizelou street
Glyfada Athens 16675

You can contact me thru the forum or by sending mail to:

Thanks in advance and hope to meet you on March :wink:
Peter Diezel":6e09c said:

but change Your avator :x


Ok avatar changed as the master commanded :D
What we should do, are you going to talk with Panos or you'll tell me?

Edit: Now I'm going to change the cab logo on the new avatar! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
Pete I was in vacation. I just received the new midi board and thank you in advance. We'll replace the old one with Panos on Saturday. I hope everything will be ok afterwards. I'll let you know.

You're the man and sorry for the late reply.
Hi Pete,

We've replaced the midi board and now the following symptoms occur!
First of all the switching works fine but...

In the beginning (when you turn the mains power on) all the led push buttons blink as always (standard midi check I guess).
Afterwards when you switch channels there's no led indication, meaning when I press 'channel 2' for instance, the channel is activated but the red led does not light up showing that you're actually on that channel. When I change to another channel again same thing happens. Same applies for 'Channel Insert', 'Send 2' and 'Mute'. All work but nothing lights.

The only led that lights when you press it is the 'store' button.

We've tried to use one of the older processors that you sent me but it happens exactly the same thing, so it's not a processor problem it's definitely a midi board problem this time. All the led push buttons work because they light on the midi check. It's definitely has to be a board incompatibility problem.
I'm sure you've encountered this that's why I'm telling you all this info. Hope this helps.

Thanks in advance and sorry to be a nuisance.
John !

Shame on me. I sent You a bad board.
Lars did a wrong soldering with
a chip :eek:uch:

You need a second one.
Please send me Your address again to
peterdiezel at