Recommend a great Industrial grade Solder Station.


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Another vote for Weller for a decent cheap solder station. I consider myself a hobbyist level amp modder so I'm not using it all day every day, but I've only had 3 Weller irons for the past ~20 years, and still have all 3.

I would like to get a Hakko unit, but for right now I figure why fix what isn't broke?


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Hakko soldering station and desoldering gun here, never looked back after owning them for 12+ years.
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I use a Hakko FX100. It's fantastic.

Induction iron. Regulated tips. Goes from cold to hot in about 5 seconds and then maintains a low standby temp so it instantly heats back up when you grab the pencil. Tips set the temp so you really don't have to mess with settings or anything. Just turn it on and go. You can do 99.99% of all guitar/amp related work with just one or two tips. Doesn't get easier than that.