Recommend me a floor multi effects system


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One of my rigs I'm using a TC Nova System. Got in trade several years ago and really don't use it much. I think if I could 4CM with it I'd probably keep it.

Many, many moons ago I used a Digitech RP7 and Vox Tonelab LE when I was first starting out.

What's good on the cheap that I can 4CM with that at least has the basics - delay, reverb, tuner, chorus, etc? Somewhere around $4-500 new or used? I know it's a broad question, but I can narrow down from that once I see what's good/available/reliable.


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Ive been using a dinosaur Digitech RP1000 for years. It works flawlessly, has above average FX, and I paid $200 for it. Can't beat it.
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I had the TC Electronic G System, the red one. Great unit, ran it 4CM into a Mesa Mark IV. Quiet, transparent, and loved the switching for the amp channels, however to me the sounds of the G Major were just better. Fast forward, I picked up the Fractal FX8 Mark II (with the switching in it), and haven't found anything better.