Remote presets in WOS?


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Hi all,

does anyone know if it’s possible to copy and use my remote presets in wos?
if so, how to go about doing this?



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Sadly, manually copying remote presets to wos preset folder isnt worth the effort. The design is too different, 1 cab vs 2 cab slots,..but also presets with IR,s give an error prompt…bummer. I’d suggest this feature on updates to make users life easier

Dilan - Two notes

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Hello @PeterM
As you have experienced, the Wall of Sound presets are very different from presets made through Torpedo Remote, mainly due to the use of one mic in WoS, and 2 mics in the USB-equipped hardware, and the use of 2 cabs by default in WoS.
I have passed your feedback to our R&D team. Kind regards.
Hi @PeterM ,

Just to jump in! We have announced our all-new software ecosystem that will be going into Beta in Q4. One of our main aims with this is to improve compatibility between Remote and GENOME, so the latter forms a true hub of the Two notes ecosystem. I think you will really like what we have planned!

If you haven't done so already, please register for the Beta here:

Kind regards,