Renegade Channel 1 diminished volume


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Yeah, I just took mine to the shop last month. There was something with one of the internal components that was the problem. Even the tech said that he couldn't pinpoint the cause, but once he started poking around inside & checking things out that he got it working properly again.

Sorry I don't have a more defined answer, but the bottom line is that it was something internal and beyond my abilities to fix.


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I also have the same issue. Channel one must be cranked up to 8 while the lead channel is between 1 and 2. Not the tubes all checked out. Did anyone ever get a handle on what it might be?


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Hi. I think that differene in volume isn't a real issue. It is a design problem. On clean channel it is vital for signal to be evenly distributed under the clipping level across all tubes. On drive channel we overdrive it so the loudness is much bigger, full of harmonics.

What is important is that Renegade mimics Fender "reverb/dry signal mixing resistor/capacitor combination" which is not needed in Renegade, but forms tone like in Fender amps. In Fender it is 3.3Meg and 10pF parallel. In Renegade it is 2.7Meg and 22pF. This combination removes trebles because of big impedance but bypasses it with 22pF to recover them. 2.7Meg with 220kohm to ground after that gives about 15x attenuation of the signal so that it will not clip in another stage which is unbypassed 1.5kohm cathode resistor.

Try comparing lower gain on 2nd channel with lower gain on 1st channel then it will be similar in volume.
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