Revv 100P


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Just picked one of these up after being so impressed with the G20. Prior to that, never played a Revv before. This amp is amazing. I’ve been a long time Orange Rockerverb owner and never thought I’d dig an amp as much if not more. Much more versatile than you’d be led to believe. I’m not a metal player, more of an indie, post-punk, hardcore fan. I’m amazed at the lack of reviews and info out there.
Is this the most modern model they offer?
The 100p has the Purple high gain channel. This is the tighter of their two high gain channels. The red being the other one. They recently revamped the whole Generator series with the mark iii’s. Built in two notes load box, ir’s, power scaling, etc. it is a very modern amp.


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I’m really liking what Revv is doing with making their amps studio friendly for home guitarists who don’t play arenas. On my wish list and I played a used Generator a few years ago so massive but lots of switches and knobs like the ENGL Savage would take some time to learn the amp.
I have a MKII version of the 100P, I’ve not had the opportunity to play the MKIII but was told that it is better sonically overall. I don’t like pushing it with my 33, but my savage drive and direwolf sound great with it.