Rig for 80s metal working cover band


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I need to know some recommendations for gear to have in my arsenal to cover most grounds for 80s metal working band. Covering everything from VH to Ratt to Warrant, Dokken, Skid Row, Def Leppard, Poison, Motley Crue...

I've got a DSL40CR, SD-1, RV-6 Reverb, Cry Baby Wah, and that's it.

Guitars I've got 2 Charvel San dimas' and a EVH Wolfgang Special.

Are there any other items you think would make it cover more bases? Is a phaser and chorus necessary? Or perhaps something else I'm not thinking of?



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In addition to the SD-1, I’d have a rat boost pedal on my board for more of the hair metal ground.

Chorus is a must - MXR stereo chorus or a similar flavor of the likes for ozzy era stuff.

I’m not a fan of phasers but you should definitely get a flanger on your board. The EVH brand one sounds good, and I also like the boss flanger.


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Phase 90, Suhr Riot, chorus for sure and add a level boost at the end of your chain. TC Electronic Spark or similar.

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I’m in a busy cover band and Ive got the MXR mini phase 95 and a Keeley Dyno My Roto that covers roto chorus, rotary, and roto flange...for as little as I end up using those effects the Keeley is awesome, especially the roto tri chorus. I would also recommend the Source Audio Gemini Chorus pedal as you can essentially turn it into 3 pedals via download, they sound awesome