Saw my Zinky Thorn on's a song I cut with it.


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Great amp, man that thing was cool. Got some stellar tones while in a Post-core band. Main riff, bridge and solo are me with a Brain Moore i2, Seymour Duncan A2Pro neck for solo (Zinky Master Blaster engaged), Screamin' Demon bridge for rhythm. Guitar has 500K pots, so I added a 333K resistor from the hot lead of the Demon to get about 142K total load. They will peel paint like a JB with 500K pots. Cab was a Trace Elliot 4x12 straight (they are AWESOME!!!) with two 16 ohm UK V30's in parallel, top loaded/bottom open (detuned). Mics were SM57/421 through a Sytek MPX-iia on the JFET channels (like Burr-Brown). This track never made it out of pre-production, but I think it's pretty rad.

It's called "Empires:" full.mp3?dl=0