Scammer Alert - misteregent

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I have a WTB thread in the classifieds for a Mesa cab. I received a message from misteregent. He tells me he has one in immaculate condition. Great. Send pics. WIll you ship and where are you located. The first red flag: He only wanted $420 and $100 to ship. The fsecond red flag: he would only take a check or money order. The third red flag: The pics were found on a japanese site. The Mesa serial number is C05320. He never asked for my ZIP. He just quoted a $100 shipping via UPS or less since I was in the CONUS.

I called him out about previous sales here or if the cab was for sale elsewhere. No on both. He reassured me that he was an active member here and on jemsite he was glinty76.

I then told him that UPS does C.O.D. packages for a fee. I said this keeps me from scamming you and you from scamming me. He told me that this did not work for him. I asked him to explain. I have not heard anything since.



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This guy definitely is full of shit and trying to deliberately rip people off. He responded to a WTB I ran not to long ago and emailed me these pics from a 2013 HC thread and went silent when I called him out on it. What a dirtbag.


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LOL The muscle stepped in and took care of it. :LOL:

Typically, I was going about things in my usual way, watching the dude like a hawk and waiting for a "legit" illegal move on his part.

That said, I was tempted to take care of him just now after seeing bhuard's post 'cause he's not the first to see the use of online pics. That in itself isn't illegal AFAIK, but the dude made no attempt to provide the caveat that he's not using his own pics / pics of his own gear in any of his conversations with members so far.

Good riddance. Wuddun Brother Stoivo. :rock: