Schematic for a Steve Morse head?

Anyone have one?

Bought one because I'm a Morse fan, but it is clearly designed for someone who uses way more gain than I do. At 3 on the gain knobs on low gain mode is to much for me. So much gain on tap it makes the BE channel on a Friedman look like fender clean in comparison, so was thinking about nodding it to defang it somewhat.


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Why not try putting lower gain tubes in? 12at7 or 5751s? Look up "gain factor" if you are curious what other options exist. And ya, their preamp gain is over the top, even for metal. I found lowering the volume on the guitar also helps with the gain and noise level.
I'm familiar with lower u (mu) tubes, but haven't found any 12ay7s or 5751s I liked the tone of, and gain would have to come down more than those would get me.