Set up the Mojave Scorpion


It's been awhile, I put up the Mojave Scorpion retubed with Tesla brown base and some JJ's. Not much brand loyalty, but well built.
IMG-2063 (002).jpg
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I've always been interested in the Mojave stuff but have never run across one in the wild to take for a whirl.


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They're out of business now, aren't they?
They are done. Victor had my Coyote for about 8-10 months to do some simple work on and he never touched it.
Seems like he has other issues. Great amps tho. I was a fan from the beginning.
The Peacemaker is a beast of an amp as Carl said. I regret that sale.


They were definately not what other makers were producing at the time. Back when cracking the VH code was still elusive, the World had long since moved beyond master volume and now had high gain preamp on the brain, the concept was not what the market was programmed to buy.
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