Seymour Duncan Jupiter Pups


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Been using the Jupiter set for a while now, really liking them but very different from the Full Shred set.
What are you looking to get from the Jupiter that you aren't from the Full Shred?
Jupiter has a ceramic magnet with a much stronger midrange push and aggressive yet nicely balanced tone when compared to the Full Shred, which I find to be not quite as aggressive in the mids and is considerably brighter.
In terms of balanced string clarity and such I think the Jupiter has a bit of an edge on the Full Shred in that area.


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I have a set. They’re pretty cool, but I ultimately switched them out. I could not stop fiddling with the height - either too sharp or too much low end saturation. In the room it wasn't a big deal, but under a mic those were the things that bugged me. This was in an already hard hitting Les Paul type of guitar, so it's likely the wrong combo. I liked them enough to hang on to them and try them in something else, which I haven't yet.

What I liked about them is how well they tracked. They're nice and tight, but still juicy enough under the fingers. The neck pickup is particularly nice. Duncan really nailed it with that one imo.