Small, travel rig


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Hey guys.
Looking for a couple good options for a small away rig. Going to be leaving it away at a second residence.

- Need to be small, not a lot of room.
- Needs headphone jack
- needs a small speaker so I have the option of playing w/o phones
- sound as good as possible
- budget $200 would be max.

There is a Spark amp near me for 140$. Is that about as good as I’m going to do for what I want and need?



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Interesting. So IYO, what gives on the Spark? Just curious
When I used any high gain tones they just had no presence. The first note sounded ok and then it was like a strong gate engaged. I tried everything to make it useable but it just sucked. The Katana is 100 times better. Wish I did t sell it.


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I recently got the Spark. So far I like it but I can see some limitations with it.
However I agree with the Boss Katana recommendations, such a great sounding amp with great effects built in, of course.
I think the 50 watt model goes for closer to $250 new so that's just above your limit you mentioned.
But I see them used in great condition all the time for well under $200 so that could potentially work.


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there is a dude within a couple hours of me that has a 50w MKII Katana, and PE100...asking $200

seems like a decent deal...if he's willing to meet me on the drive :sneaky:


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I got a Yamaha THR otw…
Until it gets here though. I’ve downloaded a plug-in…it’ll do for now.

Having some latency issues…
Any latency for dummies tips?

Thanks for all The help And suggestions guys. Very much appreciated