Smith/Kotzen... any fans?


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I like it.

I love Kotzen. And Smith really surprised me on this. Good listening for sure.

Wait... 2001?


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I like it . I was surprised. I’m a huge kotzen fan and at first I was like this is weird pair . But it’s great
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Yeah, def not 2001, but I dig them. I bought the first one on vinyl and love it. Great tunes/songwriting and some awesome guitar playing obviously.


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I always liked Adrian and Kotzen is a really good singer/guitarist. They make a good team and like what Ive heard.


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Kotzen is an incredible player.
I do wish he would use a pick atleast for some stuff like he used to.

I'm a massive Kotzen fanboy (literally started playing guitar because of him) but I agree with you. I wish he'd go back to using a pick; his newer stuff is a bit too polite sounding
I have the Winery Dogs CD from 6-7 years ago. Really great stuff and Kotzen's playing is of course stellar.
I started to really pay attention when I read that he had stopped using a pick about 5 years earlier. Since I don't use a pick, it really caught my ears.
I watched several YouTubes of him with the WInery Dogs and solo. Really inspiring! Haven't heard this recording but I'm definitely interested.
I also got the one Poison CD he's on, and the songs really work. And of course, infinitely better than DeVille's playing.


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I think they pair killer.
I dig it.
Adrian can sing pretty good.
I think the writing is good and plenty of groove.
Kotzen is an incredible player.
I do wish he would use a pick atleast for some stuff like he used to.
it is interesting on how he does what he does by just finger picking. pretty cool i'd say. very talented player.

I've known the name but never really checked out any material by them. I came across one of their videos on youtube couple of weeks ago, then checked the website and realized they had an album. Of to the streaming service to check it out and I really liked it.