So bassists..?


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Do any of you guys play bass frequently? I have been playing bass half of the time I play over the past couple weeks and most bands I was in I played bass when needed.

I had a Hartke LH500 and 4x10 for a bit but sold them and the El cheapo Ibanez 5 string I was playing. I recently bought a sterling bass which I really love and I just ordered a Spector Performer 5 string.

I'm thinking of getting another amp. So if any of you guys play bass regularly what are you using? I'm clueless on the newer bass amps


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I am using a 90's Ampeg SVT3pro, which by today's standards are pretty heavy. The Aguilar Tone Hammer bass heads get pretty good reviews and would be something I would consider.

There are also a tone of preamps and DIs out there. As a 2nd rig I use an Eden WTDI into a crown DC300A power amp, so lots of options if you are open for a preamp into power amp setup, just depends on what you are looking for.


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I'm a part timer as well. I've just been using the axe fx for bass tones. I've got a preset built with a stereo 2 amp setup and another one built with a guitar amp to one output and a bass to another for when my buddy comes over to jam...


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Warwick Rockbass $$ Corvette in to a Taurus THD450 + weird Hartke cab with a 15, two 8's and some tweeters

Shit fucks

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Aguilar Tone Hammer 500 works for me, great little compact and powerful amp. Not insanely expensive either. The 300 is killer too and works well going DI.

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I'm using Ampeg power with the tech 21 Doug pinnick pedal into a peavey 4x10. It's unbelievable, the tone has huge low end, piano highs with guitar grinding gain. The pedal is so good and it's small as shit. Built in muting tuner rocks!


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Gasp, that's me!

Ampeg and Spector. I settled on Spector basses exclusively after a ton of shopping. Their Korean stuff is top notch, and their Euro series keeps pace with the American custom shop stuff. I have a pair of Spector Forte basses, one fretted and one fretless. I love my Spectors.

As for amps, I used the SVT 3 Pro for a decade until I got an SVT 2 Pro. I used some Mesa and Carvin stuff for a bit, but went right back to Ampeg. Really, as much as it sucks to lug around, I won't play a show without an 8x10 cab. There is no substitute.


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I play bass and have played in bands, although by no means do I consider myself a real bassist. I am not picky when it comes to amps, but I pretty much have to have a Tech 21 Sansamp Bass DI...that's pretty much my "I can get it done if I have this" pedal.


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My favorite is an old SVT, but for new stuff I love the tone hammer.

I don't play bass often anymore though.


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I play bass about as much as I do guitar and went through the journey of looking for a new bass rig about a year ago.

Right now class D is the thing in the bass amp world. They're small, light weight like (less than 10 lbs.), plenty powerful, and pack a lot of punch. At the top of the pack are the Mesa Subway series and Darkglass amps.

They're both completely different animals so which one would be best would depend on the application.

Mesa Subway series is top notch and can cover both modern and classic bass sounds. They're more or less the successor to the older carbine and walkabout series. The TT-800 is the flagship model and has 2 channels each with its own EQ; Subway & Boogie. Obviously the Subway channel is voiced similar to the other amps in that series and is more modern sounding. Boogie channel is based on the on the original 400+. The rest of the subway series have only 1 channel and mostly differ in the tone shaping features. All are great, so it's more a matter of what features you want/need that will be the deciding factor.

Darkglass is equally as impressive as the Mesa amps, but they're more modern and in your face. They offer 2 amps; Mocrotubes and Alpha-Omega. Both are based off their preamp pedals of the same name with the addition of a class D power section. Both have a 5 band EQ and can blend their clean and overdrive sound. The overdrive side is the part that's based of the preamp pedals. There's not much to say about the clean side.... It's a wonderful modern sounding clean channel. If you're looking at a Darkglass amp you're probably going to focus more on the dirty side. This is where the Microtube and Alpha-Omega differ. The MIcrotube is more of an overdrive sound and can switch between the B3K (modern overdrive) and VMT (vintage overdrive) voicings. The Alpha-Omega is more of a fuzz type overdrive. You're able to blend between the Alpha & Omega voicings; Alpha being punchy and Omega being over the top. On both the Microtube and Alpha-Omega you can dial in the amount of gain for the dirty side and blend it with the clean side.

At the end of my bass amp search I was just about to get a Mesa Subway TT-800 and a Microtube pedal; do the best of both worlds thing, but came across a great deal on a Mesa Titan V12 that I couldn't pass. The Titan had everything I personally wanted in one package and the deal I got made it the most cost effective. None of the amps are better or worse than the the others and I could have been happy with any of them.

*Edit* Forgot to add that I paired the Titan with a GK Neo 412 cab and that combo sound freakin' awesome and massive. Tons of punch and pants flapping low end. If you need a cab too, look at the GK Neo stuff or Mesa Subway Cabs, they're stellar. The older Mesa Powehouse cabs are great too, except the one that blends 1 15" and 4 10" speakers. That on sounds a little muddy and off.

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I’ve got a Darkglass microtubes if you’re interested. Pretty much new

I go old school SVT and Spector. Nothing sounds better to my ears


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Another +1 for the Tone Hamer 500 if you want something new.

If you don't mind something used, the GK 400rb or 800rb are killer amps that sound just as good today as they did when they ruled the (bass) world in the '80s and early '90s. Either of those with an SVT810, a pair of Bag End S15 cabs, or some Hartke cabs was the standard issue rock rig for a while.


If you don't mind something used, the GK 400rb or 800rb are killer amps that sound just as good today as they did when they ruled the (bass) world in the '80s and early '90s.

+1 on the 400RB, that was my baby with an Ampeg 4x10 for quite some time (friend borrowed it and broke it, that's another story). Used that with the Tech21 VT Bass pedal and was totally happy given that I don't play enough. No idea what GK has for current models though, assuming there is something out there better now. Don't sleep on the SansAmp stuff, great cheap options. I would get Darkglass stuff if I wasn't broke, but what can you do, lol
Is weight a big consideration for you?

I'm running a GK 1001RBII through a Mesa Powerhouse 4x10. Very versatile. Not light (esp the cab) but with wheels it's pretty manageable.

I've heard a lot of good things about Markbass, Mesa Class D and such but don't have direct playing experience.

I've most recently done Helix through a K10.2 for a small gig with positive results.