So, what do you guys do for a living?


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yea asshole
you live in virgina
your band is a joke
i doubt any amp will save you larry or not you play like you have broken fingers with not one original thought in your small mind
Matt Waldenville - Guitar and Backing Vocals
Matt Conley - Guitar and Backing Vocals
which cunt are you?


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if there's anyway i could meet you face to face i will ASAP you cowardly keyboard warrior
where are you?
tell me
where do you live?
you piece of shit
Tell you what, I’m gonna make it easy for you. Here’s where I currently live:

Knock on the door. I’m the guy walking around with a load in my diaper.


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dan travis
i'll meet you anywhere you want
show me how tough you really are

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Not backing off? Edging closer...
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Look, the insult issue was resolved weeks ago. No need to play the whole thing out all over again.

In the hope that this time the lesson will be properly-learned, I'm giving controlled_voltage another short holiday for not controlling his voltage and reigniting this feud. You can say what you want here, but physical threats have always been where we draw the line, something that's been made clear to him.

Lastly, please avoid saying anything derogatory to him about his mom. Many peeps have hot-button issues and this is obviously one for him. He's been a trouble-free member for 11 years so let's respect that and leave him be.


Super early retirement from my professional foray

Now? Working with clinical integration of entheogens in new therapies for a host of shitty ailments people can lose if they're so inclined to do so.

Cutting edge medicine. Slowly SLOWLY getting recognized and approved piece by piece by the authoritative government yes-men.
Hope all is well, Mo!


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Hope all is well, Mo!
Been awesome!! Thanks for the shoutout and hope all my OGs here are keepin' it real, playing hard, living well, and learning new lessons every day - whether that be musical, life or existential - pick yer passion!

Peace & Powerchords:cool:✊🤘