So, what do you guys do for a living?


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Canal boat parties / raves / metal shows etc!

An old trick we used to do on tourists was get one of the strippers to put a peeled banana between her legs, then the tourist would wear boxers only and roller blades, we'd push the tourist towards the stripper to try eat the banana, then last minute the stripper would move and open the fire exit. The guy would roll into the street naked. Classic.
That's a fucking 300 IQ move.


I work in Healthcare IT as a Lead Financial Analyst - which means I got an MBA and added to my engineering so that I can translate financial requirements into system solutions. Sounds glamorous. It is not. Actually started my career at NASA. Sounds glamorous. It was not.
In addition, I have a small YT channel called GearGasms that brings in about $150 a month so that counts as a job, I guess.

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That reminds me of Rory Alexander.

2nd-highest YouTube earner in the UK and all he does is stream Gran Turismo 9-5, Monday to Friday. :rock:

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Process & Validation Engineer in pharmaceutical industries.
Thinking about a major career change though.
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