Sold/1993 Marshall SLP reissue


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So..I bought this with the intention of getting it modded but have since lost interest in doing so. The amp does have an issue and the "normal channel 2" channel isn't working right now ( I bought it this way) I'm about 96% sure it's just a bad volume pot and possibly even just a cold solder joint somewhere it's one of the two or!'s in pretty good shape otherwise and channel 1 works as it should. As I said it was purchased to be modded and I wasn't concerned about the issue and maybe someone here want's to do the same?


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Great price, easy fix. A ppimv is all that amp needs to rock at levels that won't kill the ears.
Someone should buy this.


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I had one of these. I don't know squat about the current market value...

But if you're in a position to play loud, these amps are beastly.

Good luck with the sale.


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No shit, you dogs don't know this is a screaming deal and seller??!?!!!! Word on these is that the '93 was an outstanding year for production. You can't find a better amp to mod.

If I wasn't in the middle of a score this would be mine fools🎯🎯🎯🎯😎