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Ok, to get the important stuff out of the way, I'm in Chattanooga, TN and don't really wanna ship this. The head I might consider shipping to a reputable buyer on here. I don't usually sell much stuff online because there are a ton of horror stories of people getting something in, trying it out, and not liking it, and lying to Paypal about how it didn't work, or wasn't as advertised, or whatever and filing a claim and getting their money back (this happens on Reverb daily). And if the part ever even gets shipped back, there's no telling what's condition it's in and the seller ends up getting screwed. With that said, if the buyer is reputable, then I probably wouldn't mind it because I don't have to worry about them using it for 4 weeks and just not jiving with it, and then filing a claim to get their money back.

This amp is in great shape and functions perfectly, I just don't really get to crank my amps much. When I do, I usually play my Plexi. The back panel is missing, a previous owner lost it and it never bothered me enough to have a replacement made from the people who built the headshells for Budda. The amp has the proper recommended Sovtek tubes with Genelex Gold Lion tubes in the power section, but I also have a set of JJs that came with it for the power side that I never used. The amp has the volume matching mod, or whatever it's called. That's what the extra little knob on the front is, for balancing the volumes between the clean and crunch channels a little better. It has the original footswitch as well.

The cabs are both the closed back version. The 2x12 and 4x12 both have the stock Phat speakers in them. Aside from some usual scuffs here and there, the full stack is in great shape.

I'm asking $850 for the head, $400 for the 2x12, and $500 for the 4x12. Sold listings are a little hard to find to get accurate values on. If someone wants the whole thing I can work out a package deal.

I'd be interested in some trades as well, but obviously you'd have to be local for that. I'm really only interested right now in Cornford MK50s, some Splawns, Soldano Hot Rod, a Bogner Shiva maybe or Ecstasy (yes I know I'd have to add something in to even it out), 3rd Power Citizen Gain or HD100, some other hotrodded Marshall style amps, and mostly superstrat style guitars. I'm only looking for quality, USA/British/German/etc made stuff, no Korean guitars, Chinese amps, etc.









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It's partially Peavey, but before they completely got ahold of the entire operation. I think when they first started with Budda they were just manufacturing some of the parts and Budda was still assembling them, or something along those lines.

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Please follow rule #15 and include the item and status in the title in future, mate. I fixed it for you this time.

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