SOLD: Kemper Profiler Powerhead 600w Amplifier - $1750


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Up for sale is a powered Kemper 'toaster' -- the head version of the acclaimed Kemper Profiler amp. This one is very amplike - not a modeler, but a profiler - it captures the sound of a given amp at specific settings using a mic input and can then replicate that sound to a near-perfect match in tone, even allowing you to adjust the treble, mid, bass, fain, etc. with similar controls to what you'd see on a traditional amp head.

This is the powered version, meaning it has a built-in 600 watt power amp, so you can plug it right into any guitar cabs or other non-powered speakers you already have or prefer to use. This makes it much more versatile, as you can output to monitors, PA, or FOH, and also just plug into any 4x12 or other cab for a more traditional sound.

It is in good condition. There's a ding in the chassis on the corner and some slight rash near the input jack, but nothing major [all pictured], and works great.

Has a ton of profiles on it, including some mbritt and other premium ones, which will be left on for the next owner.

This is located in NJ near NYC, to be shipped in the lower 48 States. Thanks and send any questions or offers my way! Asking $1750 shipped via PayPal.

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