SOLD: Synergy SYN30 Head in Mint Condition


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Up for sale here is a Synergy Syn30 Head and three modules (all are sold) in almost brand new condition. I bought the head a few months back and have used it a total of maybe 5 hours. The modules are in much the same condition only with even fewer hours on them. I've recently made a few amp purchases and it's just hard to justify keeping so much gear so, I've decided to divest myself of my Synergy gear. I'm not really interested in trades at this point since I'm basically selling to replenish my coffers for my next self-induced GAS frenzy.

The Synergy stuff really does sound incredible and this head has a very nice sounding clean channel making it essentially a 3 channel amp with whatever module is being used at any given time.

Syn30 head: $old
Deliverance Module: $old (never used)
IICP Module: $old (never used)
SLO Module: $old
VH4 Module: $old (maybe a couple of hours on it)

CONUS Shipping on me, Fees on you

$1000 takes what's left!





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This is a friggin great deal… as usual with the gman !!

I already have a syn 1 AND syn2 and i still thought for a moment if i wanted this 30 lol

Good luck