Splawn Treble Settings


I have a Competition (50w single channel quickrod) head and I find turning the treble all the way down, or at least close to it, and using the presence to control the top end really opens the amp up in a way you can't achieve with the treble turned up. Mids bloom and the amp just gets fuller in all areas it seems. Anyone else find this?
I recently started to do that as well.. working great. Treble around 9 o'clock and Presence around between 11 and 12 o'clock.

It opens the amp up, and sounds fuller for sure.
More 3D like :dunno:
Without actually losing Treble.
But mine only does that when it is literally on "0" / 8 o'clock
Works on Rectos too, and some Marshalls and other amps I'm told.
Never tried that when I had my Competition but I did when I had my Quick Rod and it worked good but I found myself going back to bumping up the treble
Decided to give this a shot today with my EL34 super sport which was originally built with 6V6s . Cab is a Mojotone 1x12 with a Creamback H75 still breaking in . Worked a lot better than I thought it would, I was pleasantly surprised with the results similar to the OP . Treble all the way off , presence all the way up . I cranked up the mids a bit more than I normally would and that opened up the amp even more . I’m not too sharp with the inner workings of an amplifier but the way it’s set up here the presence and mids were acting like volume controls . Sounding really beefing , boosting with a Buxom Boost made it that much sweeter

Does it give the amp more clarity, definition? Other?
I don't know man. Hard to explain. I wouldn't say more clarity or definition. It is pretty subtle. I feel like, on my amp, it adds a touch of 3D character, but like I said, hard to explain and pretty subtle. The thing is it does not dial your treble out? As you (me anyway) turn the treble down slowly you can hear the treble go away until you get to "0" and then it blooms back in for lack of a better way of saying it.

I made a thread on it a long time ago. People were chiming in that it works on other amps too. Just depends on how the EQ tone stack is designed and created and those controls interact with the rest of the circuit.

Here is said thread:
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Does it give the amp more clarity, definition? Other?
If you have a Splawn give it a shot . I originally tried it with my Super Sport years ago before I had it converted to EL34s. Problem was I turned the treble all the way off but didn't crank the presence . I found cranking the presence and also bumping the mids just a bit to be the key. The tone this way is a little less compressed , more of a ballsy cranked Marshall sound